Paper Pot Press

Paper Pot Press

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Make fully biodegradable seedling pots from recycled newspaper with a Paper Pot Press.

 This simple tool creates an endless supply of pots perfect for starting seeds. Once the seedling is ready to be moved to a veggie patch or larger pot simple plant the seedling and the pot into the ground, reducing transplant shock.


To use simply cut newspaper into strips measuring approx. 9cm x 40cm.

Roll the paper almost firmly around the wooden cylinder three times with 3cm overhanging the end.

Fold the overhanging paper into the cavity at the bottom of the cylinder.

Press the wooden base plate & cylinder together allowing it to mould the paper into the base shape.

Gently slide the paper off the cylinder and you have a completed pot ready for soil & seeds.

 Store your Paper Pot Press in a cool, dry environment when not in use.