The power of the seasonal edit

A really beautiful way of tapping into the cycles of nature is to live seasonally but also edit seasonally. 

Once we've ruthlessly simplified our homes how we keep them simplified is with regular editing. 

I really noticed the power of these seasonal edits back in our Airbnb days. We would rent out our home each school holidays which meant at least 4 times each year our home would get a complete overhaul. It was cleaned, simplified, organised and guest ready each season and it became such a beautiful way to reset the energy of our home. It allowed us to freshen up furnishings and accessories that were looked a little tired, we ruthlessly simplified what we owned as we packed away our personal belongings, and when we returned after our holiday away we felt like we were stepping into a new home. 

Really it was just was the most beautiful, simplified version of our home.

And getting to really experience a simplified home without all the personal belongings and clutter allowed us to feel what a truly simplified home really felt like.

Slowly we would bring in our personal belongings and almost immediately our spaces would start to feel cluttered - so it inspired new levels of simplifying. 

My seasonal edits follow pretty much the same system - tasks for each area of life to ensure my home and life is organised, simplified and I'm ready to step into the next season with things wrapped up and organised. There's a bunch of deep cleaning tasks and special projects I'm focussing on for the season. 

And because our seasons last for 3 months it gives us ample time to weave these editing tasks into our days rather than committing an entire weekend to the task and losing interest.

Much like simplifying editing shouldn't feel overwhelming. In fact editing is the easiest part - because we're already starting with a fairly simplified space. 

And in the process of the edits we're able to really refine what we love and what things we choose to have in our lives.  

Until next time,

Catherine x

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